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Estate & Succession Planning

We aim to maximise the value of your estate as it passes to your beneficiaries. The estate tax planning strategies and the identification of assets to transfer is a very personal exercise. We can assist you to show the implications of your wishes to ensure that the best after-tax outcome is achieved for your estate. The ongoing planning is very important as your circumstances change in order to achieve your overall asset protection and ensuring that the distribution of your estate is not unnecessarily eroded by tax.

We discuss with our clients about the importance and seriousness of overall wealth creation and asset protection. It's usual that people have their money tied up in their business as their largest single asset for retirement purposes and it is important to plan for the best possible arrangements. Succession planning is about planning and establishing a careful and clear path for the transfer of equity, assets and/or operations of your business.

We assist in succession planning strategies so that all parties gets fair rights and shares, we advice on structures and options to consider in selling or transferring a business, and how to effectively exit the business and matters relating to settlement periods and conditions.

We have acquired specialist taxation knowledge to deal with the Estate and succession planning and we also act in conjunction with a network of other specialists (legal and financial) in this field. We work together to facilitate the best outcomes and peace of mind for our clients.